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    Need Some Bodywork Doing on my 98MPI Mini

    Nat Thind

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    Need Some Bodywork Doing on my 98MPI Mini

    Post  Nat Thind on Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:40 pm

    Not sure if this is in the correct place or not but I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it.

    Now I need a few bits and bobs doing to my mini before I put it in for its MOT, nothing majour but a few little finishing touches.
    Now I live in Havant, PO9 area postcode and need somewhere thats within 5 minutes driving distance as the car currently has no MOT.

    The work that needs doing is quite simple and I should think it could be done in a day; I need the doors adjusting so thay dont foul the body, I need the drivers side rear seatbelt bracket welding in (the car is MPI so has the inertia reel type belts) and I need a little patch welding in on the front drivers side flitch panel. I'd say the flitch panel cant be any bigger than 6 inches by 2 inches.

    Now ideally I want somewhere that know what their doing with a classic car and doesn't cost the earth, I've found a couple of places locally but no idea what they are like.

    I have "prep 'n' paint" on hayling island

    And I've found AD Williams Coachworks in Emsworth

    I dont have to use these people, its the only places I could find on google that sounded like they knew their way around an older car.
    Is there anywhere else that someone would reccomend, I just want to find someone that knows what their doing with my car and wont do a poor job. Doesn't have to be a big outfit, more than happy with a one man band so long as they do a decent job.

    Many thanks Nat

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