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    Important Statement


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    Important Statement

    Post  Admin on Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:46 pm

    This is a statement I don't want to have any discussion on the matter on here, this thread will be closed and any separate threads on the same subject will be deleted and the author warned.

    I have been informed that a few peoples childish antics have caused a bit of unrest within the mini club at the last meet. This has caused some people in particular to be rather upset and rightly so as there has been damage done to some members cars as a result of these senseless antics, with peoples cars also being rummaged through and being left unlocked in a public car park. One of which had the door left open. On Sunday I was oblivious to this I didn't notice that anything had changed when I left and got in Paul's car.

    These actions were stupid and they have caused people to not feel as though they want to continue coming along to the meets any more this is something I don't want to happen. I have worked hard to make sure this club is the friendliest going and that all of our members never feel left out.

    I have been informed that one of our most active members has already left the club as they didn't feel at home at the club because of constant pratting about over the last few months. This is quite annoying for me as they were admin and a very much loved member of the club.

    Anyway enough about what has happened, now to what is going to happen. I don't want anymore ridiculas immature messing about that is going to upset other people. I know similar happened at L2B with ollie's car but that was a one off and was a harmless joke which was actually funny until some individuals took it too far. the worst bit about sunday night is that stuff was done to the cars of people that the culprits don't know very well and were very nice cars like the elf for example.

    From now on there is to be no moving other peoples cars or rummaging through they're belongings etc etc. this includes tom crappy micra!!!!

    As for the people that were involved in this, I personally don't want to hear any more about that's how it is so live with it. you know who you are and you know you went too far just think about what your doing next time. It would be nice for all of you to admit what has been done to the people that have had stuff damaged and apologise.

    As for the people that have had stuffed damaged if you want to take action against the people that have done it by all means go ahead but I don't really want anything to do with it.

    Right that's that and is the end of it on here, I want no more bitching and no more members leaving the club!!!!!!!!!!!

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