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    Greatest Mini Moment :)


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    Greatest Mini Moment :)

    Post  Retro_1985 on Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:27 pm

    Im sure we all have one and i thought we should share them geek

    Mine was about 18 months ago when my mini was working for once, was chasing and playing with this scooby up a hill, he was in front at this point, at the top of the hill there is a set of lights and the road turns in to a duel carrage way with a 40mph speed limit... we both stopped side by side at the lights, had a little look at each other, smiled at floored it on the green... i think he was a bit surprised when he found me nip in front of him as we started going down hill, i think by the bottom of the hill i was doing 90mph plus, before hitting the brakes for the speed camera at the bottom, before speeding up again for the roundabout, at the next set of lights he pulled up next to me again and gave me a big smile and a salute... made my year that did, lol

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    Re: Greatest Mini Moment :)

    Post  craigd on Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:26 pm

    haha now that sounds like fun lol , my firt best momant was wen i woke up on my 17th birthday an went str8 out to m mini an put on the l plates an went for a drive with m bro, bet the best one was wen i finnished college one day an i was following my m8 in his saxo vxr or vtr cant remember, an we were goin from chi to bognor on the jawl caridgeways an both rrealy givin it some, all windows down, an he was shocked cos the whole time we were side by side an the cars sounded sooo good, we were doin about 90ish mayb 100 an i was gna turn left towards oving but saw goin too fast so had to go str8 ova an wen i got to the rounda bout m m8 was behind so i thaught il show him wat minis can do lol, i went round it so quick an flicked the wheel an little an the back slid out a lil bit, wen we stopped we both looked at eachother an burst out laughfin an we both agreed that was the best bit o fun in our cars wed had, they sounded so good Smile, but im sure il hav manny more good times in it yet

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    Re: Greatest Mini Moment :)

    Post  canadiankev on Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:22 pm

    i was about 7years old my oldest brother got himself a mini (very rare in Canada) he stripped the engine down to rebuild it i was there by his side every chance. After all was back together and running i did many laps around my parents house, one day my mum took it out with just a little snow on the ground, i yelled out to her that she was spinning the tires, she yelled back '' you dumb shit thats the front tires'' she didn't realize it was front wheel drive (very rare back then in Canada) it was all in a good laugh. over the past 3 years i have lost both my parents and i received a bit of money from the estate and wanted to get something special to remind me of my parents and something to enjoy so now i have my own mini and think of mum and dad taking it shopping and the time i spent with my brother in the garage to only now have my 6year old daughter spending every chance with me working or playing with the mini

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    Re: Greatest Mini Moment :)

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